About Us

Organization Overview “Veterans Villa has been a pillar in the Edmonton community for over 50 years, driven by our dedication to supporting those who have selflessly served our nation. Our team is committed to providing housing solutions and support services tailored to the unique needs of veterans.”

Team Profiles “Meet our passionate team, each member bringing their own expertise and heartfelt dedication to ensure the well-being of our veteran community.

Partners and Supporters “We’re proud to collaborate with a network of partners and supporters who share our commitment to veterans’ welfare.

Housing Options “Our range of housing options caters to diverse needs, offering everything from fully furnished apartments to accessible homes.

Application Process “Applying for housing is a straightforward process:

  1. Review eligibility criteria.
  2. Complete the application form [link to form].
  3. Submit necessary documentation.
  4. Await confirmation and move-in details.”